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About OpenMindKY

OpenMindKY is a ground up volunteer effort advocating for adoption of the OpenMind Platform in Kentucky Education

Thank you for visiting the OpenMindKY website and being curious enough to come to the About page. What's the story behind OpenMindKY? It's strictly a volunteer effort based on something I'm interested in. I'm a software consultant by profession but I've had an amateur's interest in social psychology, moral psychology and Moral Foundation Theory (MFT) since around 2008. I point to Jonathan Haidt's 2008 TED Talk as the triggering event for my ongoing interest in the topic. That video is included here at OpenMindKY in the Videos section (The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives - 18 minutes). 

Since then, as I watch our current political environment via news commentators, political pundits, news articles and social media friends and trolls, I often remember my Mother saying: "People are all good people, they just view the world through different colored glasses". While I believe that to my core, the other side sure can seem stupid at times, can't they? They are not stupid.

Since my awakening to MFT ways of thinking I find it much easier to understand where others are coming from and where I'm coming from. However, I've repeatedly said to myself: "We were never educated on how to speak with the other side". Yet in a democracy it's critically important for at least some folks, politicians for sure, but maybe all of us, to know how to speak constructively across differences. It's the only way to get closer to the actual truth and the best policy solutions.

So when I became aware of the OpenMind Project and Platform I was primed and motivated to help spread the word. I have spoken with the OpenMind Program staff at NYU Stern and I am attempting to ensure my message is consistent with their messaging and directions for the material. I've started by taking small steps in spreading the word, focusing first on K-12 and Higher Ed in the area. Since I'm a web designer by profession the OpenMindKY website was my natural way of documenting and presenting aspects of the OpenMind Platform I find most interesting. While I am available to get out and meet and talk with interested parties, in today's busy world I believe an email or text message with a link to a page like this is sometimes a better way to start spreading the word. 

Who built The fingers typing behind the website are mine, Dave Korns, a resident of Greensburg Kentucky. My wife and I run a horse ranch here in the rolling country side of central Kentucky about an hour south of Louisville. In semi-retirement I have more free time on my hands which leads to things like OpenMindKY and my freelance EduMethods business.

I look forward to speaking with other interested advocates around the state. So if you've stumbled onto this website and are interested don't hesitate to contact me. I can share any recent news and I'm willing to help in your specific situation if I can. 

Let's show everyone "Kentucky is Growing Open Minds". 

PS1: Don't forget, it's a .org not a .com :-) ...

PS2: While I expect this website will be fairly static I do hope to soon begin posting updates that report on Kentucky success stories with the OpenMind Platform. For ongoing discussions and news try visiting our companion Facebook page.

Aout the Logo: The OpenMindKY logo is a blending of the OpenMind Platform logo and the Kentucky Unbridled Spirit brand logo. From the Kentucky Unbridled Spirit Branding website: "Kentucky is a place where spirits are free to soar and big dreams can be fulfilled. We relish competition and cherish our champions for their willingness to push beyond conventional boundaries to reach new heights of success."

Mobirise is a Kentucky state level volunteer effort is an independent non-profit organization 
@OpenMindUSA is the nationwide handle for the OpenMindPlatform
OpenMindKY was built by EduMethods using Mobirise